Demet Evgar refused, Farah Zeynep Abdullah accepted!
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5 October 2022 12:50


Demet Evgar refused, Farah Zeynep Abdullah accepted!

It was announced a long time ago that the film Bergen, which will tell the life of the once arabesque singer Bergen, would be shot. However, the intervening pandemic prevented the film from coming to life. Farah Zeynep Abdullah finally became the leading actress in the movie Bergen, where the names for the leading actress are constantly changing.

Serenay Sarıkaya was the first person to be offered to act Bergen. Preparations were started for the movie before the pandemic, but the shooting, which was expected to be done in 2020, was postponed when the epidemic broke out. When the conditions were suitable for the shooting, the young actress withdrew from the project when the schedule of the film did not comply with Serenay Sarıkaya’s schedule.

A few months ago, Demet Evgar’s name was announced for the lead role this time. An offer was made to the talented actress to portray Bergen. However, it was never officially announced that Evgar accepted the offer. The definitive news came last week. Demet Evgar had refused the offer.

The producer company, which received a no response from Demet Evgar, finally made an offer to Farah Zeynep Abdullah. Abdullah accepted the offer, and the lead role in the project, which turned into a snake story, was finally finalized. Farah Zeynep Abdullah announced that she accepted the project with her social media account.

Lastly, Farah Zeynep Abdullah, whom we watched with the character of İnci in the Innocent Apartment, broadcast on TRT 1, announced that she had left the team just before the finale of the series, which had a very successful season. Abdullah received a great reaction from her fans on this decision. The reactions were such that some viewers brought the work to curse.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah’s acceptance of the role of Bergen was met with great happiness. Fans said that Abdullah would suit this role very well.

Who is Bergen?

Born in Mersin in 1959, Bergen started her musical career with her 1982 album, I have a complaint. She lost both eyes as a result of the apocalypse thrown on her face by her husband on October 31, 1982, later regained the ability to see in her left eye, and she was remembered with her hair falling over her right eye due to the damage to her right eye, and sometimes with her sunglasses. She started to be known as “Woman of Pain” after she acted her fourth studio album “Acıların Kadını”, released in 1986, in the film of the same name with the album and the album that tells her own life story. Throughout your art life, If You Forgive, I Will Not Forgive, You Can’t Say Destiny, Don’t Feel Sorry For Me, Your Photo Is In My Hand, Why Shouldn’t It Return? She left many songs like Bergen was shot and killed by her divorced wife in 1989 in Pozantı, Adana.

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