Demet Özdemir is both very ambitious and success-oriented!
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25 March 2023 23:04


Demet Özdemir is both very ambitious and success-oriented!

Famous actress Demet Özdemir became the cover star of this week’s issue of Hello Magazine. The actress, who poses assertively for the magazine, also made striking statements about her love and business life.

The beautiful star, who was in the brightest period of her career, attracted a lot of attention with the following statement:

“I am making a success-oriented journey alone to gain my freedom. Being strong and feeling success; seems like the greatest beauty to me. After all, what makes a woman beautiful is power. Success; an infinite and limitless word. This is the core feeling of my journey. I have an incredibly ambitious and success-oriented character. My secret is; trying to do it myself, without competing with anyone.”

Knowing that she is not alone always makes the famous actress feel positive. Demet Özdemir is someone who shares her feelings so she can feel that she is not alone.

Demet Özdemir said: “I share my feelings because I want to hear and feel this very much. It’s not good for me to be introverted, otherwise I think the problems are getting bigger.”

The actress described dancing as a feeling she could not describe and said that her childhood gift was her talent for dancing. The actress drew attention with her expressions, “I feel like I’m a different person in every song, in every choreography”.

The actress used the following statements about her relationship with singer Oğuzhan Koç. “It seems to me that the definition of love cannot be made easily. I travel to everything beautiful in my life. With what they taught me, good and bad. I have a relationship that can overcome challenges, and that feels very valuable to me.”

In the interview, Demet Özdemir stated that the most complaining feature of her character is being impatient, and said, “Even though I tried my best, I could not make a great progress. I am trying to file myself.”

Demet Özdemir gave an example from her childhood. Stating that she did not speak to anyone for an hour when she woke up, the actress explained that she has changed now with the following words.

“Now, when I open my eyes, I even joke with myself until I get out of bed. Especially if I fell out of bed, my day would be funnier.”

The beautiful actress also states that she can win the heart of anyone with a real attitude.

Stating that she immediately felt whether a person was exhibiting her true identity, the actress also stated that this was a situation that upset her.

If her life was a movie, the actress would want it to be in the romantic comedy genre.

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