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6 July 2022 19:11


Demet Özdemir is dreaming very beautiful and appreciated!

Demet Özdemir, one of the most important actresses of recent years, is increasing its popularity day by day. After the great success with the Early Bird series, the famous actress aims to overcome this success with My Home My Destiny.

Demet Özdemir, who has quarantined herself at home for 2 months due to the coronavirus pandemic, gave information about herself on different topics in the meetings she attended.

The actress was once again appreciated by her fans for herr comments on the live broadcast of instagram. The fisherman loves to dream. It is her great chance to realize the dreams that Demet Özdemir has set …

Speaking on her Instagram post, the famous actress wants to take a step about both animals and orphans. These two projects, which are still a dream, are enough to explain how loving Demet Özdemir is. Here are the dreams of the actress:

“I have dreamed now, for example, I have dreams for 30-35 days. I continue until I think it is real. It is worth noting, almost all of them have come true.

One little cat came, I feed it with milk. After that virus or something is gone, my series continues … I don’t know if it will be next year or this summer, but I have something to design first. First I want to do something about animals and open something.

Secondly, I have very nice dreams about orphans. Because everything is temporary. Money is not a problem as soon as it comes today. I hope that if I fulfill these dreams, I will be happy to design new ones. ”

Demet Özdemir is among the actress known for her love of animals. Demet Özdemir owned one of the 5 puppy dogs Eda Ece found on the street.

She desires to make room for animals and do good. However, a dream that the famous actress has built in her head says that she can take steps this summer or next summer.

Another dream of Demet Özdemir is about the orphaned children. Although the actress does not express exactly what she wants to do, she is waiting for the right time to do good works both for animals and for homeless children.

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