Demet Özdemir is on the Italian TV channel
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1 October 2022 09:30


Demet Özdemir is on the Italian TV channel

Famous actress Demet Özdemir attended the Canale 5 television broadcast in Italy. Our actress, invited by Silvia Toffanin, fascinated the Italian audience with her words, attitude and beauty. Participating in Veríssimo, one of the most famous programs in Italy, was a great success for the famous actress.

During the program, 2.5 million people watched Demet Özdemir from the beginning. Social networks in Turkey and Italy, as well as in several countries, also famous players managed to get on the agenda. So she made a big announcement. Demet Özdemir, who reached such an inaccessible audience, also highlighted his new series, My Home My Destiny.

Demet Özdemir, who has already participated in the teleconference of his series with İbrahim Çelikkol and gave information to producers abroad, gained prominence by announcing the series on an ambitious program.

The sale of Turkish TV series abroad has become difficult due to the pandemic. Although online sales continue, advertising production on such important programs can bring very good results.

Speaking about the TV series My Home My Destiny, about the issue of presenter Silvia Toffan, the actress highlighted that this production is different from Day Dreamer.

Demet Özdemir said: “The story is based on the real story of a woman who tries to get up after a drama. "After eight years, this role is a whole new way for me." The actor said he worked hard and even had a hard time dedicating himself to him.

Even with a good-natured expression, Özdemir said: "I work so much that I look old when I look in the mirror, but that is because I cry a lot on this set".

The character Zeynep has great drama and pain. In the new episodes, you'll see your wife Mehdi's oppressive attitude against Zeynep more often. However, at the point of continuing this role, the famous actress is extremely faithful and energetic.

Demet Özdemir also stated that he was doing the project with a lot of energy and affection.

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