Demet Özdemir takes remarkable steps for her fellows!
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27 November 2022 08:05


Demet Özdemir takes remarkable steps for her fellows!

Touching the lives of women is one of Demet Özdemir’s goals! Famous actress Demet Özdemir gives strong messages to women through the cosmetics brands she collaborates with.

The actress wants to touch the lives of women at every point. Demet Özdemir said that such efforts give her great happiness.

Stating that she is proud of the work done for women, the actress also explained the purpose of her advertising collaboration by saying, “We make women feel better and stronger by getting the hair of their dreams.”

Collaborating with the Women’s Cancers Association, the actress strives to support women battling cancer by donating wigs.

Demet made a statement saying, “We aim to make our women who are going through a difficult process feel stronger by being by their side.”

Demet Özdemir draws attention not only with her acting but also with her social campaigns. The actress, who tries to set an example for her fellows on different issues, especially focuses on the fight against cancer.

Standing out with her dance videos on social media as well as her strong performance in TV series, Demet Özdemir does not hesitate to take social responsibility steps. This attitude of the actress is seen as an important step towards getting closer with her fellows and drawing attention to their problems.

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