Artists News DemetÖzdemir’s new love and new series

DemetÖzdemir’s new love and new series


DemetÖzdemir, who was prepared to return to the screen with her early bird, is also experiencing the excitement of new love as well as the series.

She, who is preparing to play with CanYaman in the Early Bird’s series, will have the pleasure of meeting the fans again on the screen after herNo 309 series.

The famous actress is also living in the hustle of love these days.

DemetÖzdemir, who is experiencing new excitement both in business and in love, has been shown for the first time with lover Seçkin Özdemir.

It was revealed that the couple met with their common friends and fell in love with each other in a short time.

DemetÖzdemir and SeçkinÖzdemir are so good at each other!

The happiness of the couple, who posed for the first time in her hand, was read in the hundreds.

DemetOzdemir stated that she was excited about the bird list early, “We are all waiting for the curiosity as a team,” she spoke.

SeçkinÖzdemir stated that in September the new cinema filmin will enter the vision.