Deniz Barut agreed for a bomb-like series after Sol Yanım!
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25 March 2023 13:44


Deniz Barut agreed for a bomb-like series after Sol Yanım!

Deniz Barut, who has been on the screen since 2002, was born in 1983. Graduated from İzmir Ege University Sports Academy, the actress is one of the names that draw attention with both his physical features and abilities.

Deniz Barut has appeared in supporting roles in different productions so far. Deniz Barut, who made her name shine with two important productions such as Tulip Era and Kara Para Aşk, also successfully portrayed the character of Melis in the Avlu series.

Deniz Barut, who took a break from television series for a while, returned to the screen again in 2021 with the Star TV series called Sol Yanım. The young actress will take part in the television series again in the new season. It turned out that the actress agreed for the series called Destan, whose preparations for the ATV continue.

After the names Selim Bayraktar, Buse Meral and Elif Doğan, Deniz Barut was another actress who joined the story… The shooting of the Destan series, starring Ebru Şahin and Edip Tepeli, is expected to begin at the end of August.

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