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6 July 2022 10:22


Deniz Baysal gave the first information from the second season of the Teşkilat series!

One of the most impressive series of the season we left behind on TRT1 screens was undoubtedly the production called Teşkilat. Deniz Baysal, who plays the leading role in the series with the character of Zehra, also had a good season with his impressive performance.

Deniz Baysal, who went on vacation like all his teammates after the first season, which lasted 14 episodes, was seen in Çeşme with his singer wife Barış Yurtçu. The couple, who enjoyed the holiday, attracted attention with their happy state.

Deniz Baysal, who stated that the holiday was good, complained about the heat. The actor used the phrase “I’m melting right now”. The actor, who was seen to be tanned, also gave the first information for the second season of the Teşkilat series.

It was revealed by Deniz Baysal’s words that the whole team would gather in Ankara at the end of July. The actor said, “We are going to Ankara at the end of July now. Let’s see, I hope this season will be good as well,” he said.

Barış Yurtçu often shuttles between Ankara and Istanbul, as his wife is in Ankara for a long time due to the TV series. The singer said that he will go to Ankara, where the set is located, in order to meet with his wife in the new season.

Barış Yurtçu stated that he received new offers for concerts and that he will start work. Saying, “I will go to Ankara a lot this year, I will come,” Yurtçu also stated that most of his time will be spent on the roads.

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