DenizBaysal is lucky in love
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27 September 2022 07:44


DenizBaysal is lucky in love

[Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters] plays DenizBaysal in the character of Hazan.

DenizBaysal in the drama series, while staying between two people, there is a very happy relationship in real life.

Actress who is living love with singer BarışYurtçu, is very happy with his life.

The couple went to the KenanDoğulu concert together the previous day.

The couple, who stated that they were tired due to their work, complained that they could not take time for each other.

BarışYurtçu stated that the drama series played by DenizBaysal will make the season finals a few episodes later and plan a holiday abroad afterwards.

DenizBaysal said that she was tired because she worked hard and she told her that she was experiencing an incredible intensity.

Actress, “I came here from the set, I got a shot at 8 in the morning,” she tried to tell the intensity of the program.

Reporters pressed the couple on marriage. However, the duo is not in such a situation at this time, indicating that the issue closed.

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