Deniz Baysal surprise in the Kaçış (Escape) series counting the days for broadcast
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4 February 2023 07:53


Deniz Baysal surprise in the Kaçış (Escape) series counting the days for broadcast

The countdown continues for the broadcast of Disney Plus’s first Turkish series, Kaçış (Escape). The Escape series, starring Engin Akyürek and İrem Helvacıoğlu, will air on June 14, the day Disney Plus will open. In the meantime, it turned out that there was a surprise guest actor in the highly anticipated series.

The last four days for the TV series Escape, whose story was written by Engin Akyürek. The series, which created great excitement, will meet with the audience on Tuesday, June 14. The long-time promotion of Disney Plus about Escape caused the excitement of Engin Akyürek fans to peak.

It turned out that a name that will surprise everyone in the series in which Engin Akyürek and İrem Helvacıoğlu played the war correspondent also took part as a guest actor. It was revealed that Deniz Baysal, who plays the character of MIT agent Zehra in the Teşkilat (Organization) series, has a small role in the Escape series.

There is no explanation about Deniz Baysal’s role in the series. But since Escape can be linked to its plot, it’s no doubt that audiences will be pleasantly surprised if she plays the agent role in The Teşkilat.

In the meantime, a preview of the highly anticipated series Escape was held last night.

Engin Akyürek, İrem Helvacıoğlu, Onur Bay, Leyla Tanlar, Aras Aydın, Levent Ülgen as well as many famous names such as Melis Birkan, Özgür Çevik, Deniz Baysal and members of the press attended the magnificent night that took place at the Old Liquor Factory.

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