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21 May 2022 17:58


Despite Engin’s surprise in the Yargı series, the ratings weakened!

Kanal D’s Ay Yapım series, Yargı signed another episode full of surprises. This episode of the show had good results in all audience categories. However, it was noteworthy that the rating rates were below double-digit rates compared to previous weeks.

Yargı, whose 22nd episode was broadcast on Sunday, February 27, surpassed the Teşkilat by a large margin and became the most watched TV series. Yargı also won first place in the AB and ABC1 categories. In the category of all people, we see that Kanal D series ranks second after Survivor.

Will the decline in audience interest in The Yargı be permanent or will it be just one episode? The answer to this question is very important. Because, after the series Kuruluş Osman and Gönül Dağı, which received the best ratings of the season, Yargı and Mahkum were in the race for the third place. The failure of the judicial series to reach double-digit rates will mean that it will break out of this race as well.

The final scene of the episode, which gave the audience a taste of many emotions together with the developments, brought the tension to the top. The video that Engin left for Ceylin aroused curiosity about what would happen in the series. Those who thought that Onur Durmaz left the series and that they would not appear in the story again were very wrong. The surprise of Engin’s character greatly increased the excitement.

The finale of the episode, where the excitement and tension did not decrease for a second, surprised everyone. The flashdisk that reached Ceylin gave a great shock to the young woman. In the video where Engin called Ceylin, the signals that his surprises would not end even if he died, caused breathlessness.

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