Destan has added a new one to its success in social media!
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29 September 2022 17:04


Destan has added a new one to its success in social media!

Destan series, which entered the world of TV series very quickly, continues its success in both ratings and social media. Although the last episode has a slight dream in the ratings, the series continues to broadcast very assertively. The Destan series, which was broadcast on ATV, has finally achieved a new success on social media.

The Destan series, which has been on a three-week break since the New Year, returned to the screens on Monday evening. The series, which made a very ambitious return, experienced a small disappointment in the ratings. With the start of Survivor, the series lost its first place in the ratings. However, the audience of the series believes that Destan will regain his throne in a short time.

Although there is a small disappointment in the ratings, the series of Destan lists the successes on social media. The YouTube channel of the series achieved a great success by exceeding 500 thousand subscribers. This success took place in about two months.

Destan, whose trailer videos on YouTube have been viewed more than 1 million times, recently achieved another success. The number of views of the first episode of the series, which was shared on YouTube about a month ago, exceeded 10 million.

The Destan series, which has created great excitement not only in Turkey but also in many countries since the first day it came to the screen, was sold abroad even before it started to be broadcast in our country. In the series, especially the action scenes with Ebru Şahin and the performance of the actor are very appreciated.

The series, which attracts attention especially with the performance of Ebru Şahin, takes the audience to a magical world with its costumes and decor. For the first time, the epic series, in which a female character is told in such a brave and warlike way, surpassing the men, was loved by the audience.

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