Destan series is over, but these images that everyone will remember are left behind
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29 September 2022 12:12


Destan series is over, but these images that everyone will remember are left behind

Destan (Epic) series was a production that surprised the audience when it started last season. Especially those who watched Ebru Şahin in the Hercai series made an unexpected surprise this time with the role of Akkız. The Destan series attracted great attention with its story in Central Asia, when the Turks did not convert to Islam.

With its different spoken languages, period-appropriate clothes and venues, the series Destan started to take first place in the ratings on Tuesday evenings at the beginning of the first season. However, the question of whether the series, which lost blood towards the end of the season, would be finalized by ATV, confused them.

The decision to continue the series at the end of the season delighted the loyal audience. However, when the new season story of the series was not liked with a sudden decision, the channel, which did not want to take risks, decided on the finale of Destan. A special final episode was shot for Destan on the screen, where many series did not have a chance to make a final, and it was broadcast last week.

Ebru Şahin, who increased the number of local and foreign fans with the Akkız character in the Destan series and gained great acclaim, shared the lead role with Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar. Ebru Şahin, who started working for her role in the series months ago, made a big surprise by returning to the screen with a completely different character from Reyyan in Hercai!

While the shooting of the series continued, Ebru Şahin was constantly receiving training. Ebru Şahin, who took lessons from professional names in horse riding, close combat, using swords and different war tools and shed a lot of sweat for the series, will also be remembered for the effort and struggle she put forth for this series, even if the series makes its finale!

The successful actress made a separate effort for each episode of the Destan series and made a great effort to make the shots come out in the best way, albeit tired. The Destan series made its finale, but left Akkız, who will be remembered with this special effort of Ebru Şahin. Şahin took her acting performance even higher with Akkız.

The story of Akkız, who lived in the 8th century, will remain in the minds of the audience with the awesome action scenes of Ebru Şahin! While the actress does justice to the lessons she took, she also draws the attention of some festivals abroad!

Ebru Şahin was nominated in the Best Actress category at the Seoul International Drama Awards.

Ebru Şahin was talked about on social media with her Ebru series, which stands in a very special place in her career, and her farewell to Akkız. The actress posted an emotional message on her Instagram account with a video of the training they did before the shooting of the series. Thanking everyone, the actress also revealed the meaning of Akkız’s life…

Ebru Şahin’s message was as follows:

“To be a team, to be a team, to show one’s heart for a single purpose, to support each other in good and bad, to work hard…

There is no way to describe the opportunity to find and work with this beautiful staff, these beautiful people. Thank you for everything I’ve learned and felt, gained and lost.

My fellow actors, the whole team behind the scenes, my dear audience who believed with us and lived with us… Working with you, succeeding with you, and being able to give you Akkız is my greatest reward. May our way lead to happy works and beauties. Forgive us if we are wrong, I’m glad you’re here, I’m glad you were there. Love to you all.

I had a dream; close to reality, far from the past. It tells the tales of ancient lands. It winks at the future, takes it from the past. I had a dream; It tells the hand-to-hand struggle of alpine women and brave men in the Turkish province.

Goodbye, Akkız.”

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