Did you get a wolf while watching The Kusursuz Kiracı!
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9 December 2022 13:02


Did you get a wolf while watching The Kusursuz Kiracı!

Kusursuz Kiracı (The Perfect Tenant), starring Dilan Çiçek Deniz and Serkay Tütüncü, was a production that won the audience’s appreciation with its first episode, both with its cast and its story. Kusursuz Kiracı, where successful master names such as Bennu Yıldırımlar, Ruhi Sarı, Özlem Tokaslan, Beyti Engin, Hasan Şahintürk all add depth to the story, put forward a rich cast together with the young names in the lead roles.

The shooting of the series, whose first episode was broadcast on Tuesday evening, 30 August, actually started months ago. Although the first two episodes were shot but not broadcast, the series was initially planned as a summer series, but was shifted to the September season. In The Kusursuz Kiracıt, which is expected to attract the audience with its mysterious story in the season, Dilan Çiçek Deniz gives life to two journalists named Mona and Serkay Tütüncü named Yakup.

The story of Mona, who grew up in an orphanage and brought up a difficult childhood, is included in the series from time to time with flashback scenes. Having witnessed the expulsion of Mona, who was trying to survive with her own efforts, Yakup persuades his to become a tenant in his own house.

However, with the mysterious atmosphere experienced while entering the building, the mysterious movements and discourses of all the neighbors are confusing Mona.

The discourses, which also give clues to the audience, show that something strange is going on in the building that no one wanted to tell before. The mysterious words of the neighborhood grocer about the building make Mona even more suspicious.

In the final, Mona’s thinking that she killed her after the fight with the man who entered her house with a mask on her face, and Muzaffer’s emergence from under the mask, takes the events to an even more strange place.

In the meantime, some details that do not go unnoticed by the audience also indicate that some surprising situations will occur in the following episodes!

Yakup’s facial expressions in some scenes, his attitude towards Mona’s question about the previous tenant’s escape in the middle of the night, her interpretation of the mysterious events related to the building, gives the impression that there is something else in the event!

The viewers of the series are of the opinion that Serkay Tütüncü, whom they find very successful, draws attention to his facial expressions and looks in some scenes, giving no confidence and causing great suspicion!

It is not known what kind of mystery will come out of Yakup, but his state in a scene pointed out by the audience makes everyone think the same thing: There is another job in this business!

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