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19 August 2022 13:20


Did you notice that person in the wedding scene of the Yargı? Is the secret hidden in it?

It said such things in the last scene of the season finale of the series Yargı (Judgment) that the audience could no longer make their guesses about the series that they had been following for 34 episodes! The story, written by the master writer Sema Ergenekon, is full of moves that surprise the audience. The most important factor that makes the series watchable and immersive is these agile moves in the script!

Sema Ergenekon does not leave much open door for the audience in the story she wrote with her strong pen! In the story, which goes to a place beyond the estimations, other surprising details emerge. The season finale, which ends with the solving of murders and the remarriage of two lovers in the series, ended with a scene that sparked the readiness for completely different shocks in the next season!

In the series starring Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, Ilgaz and Ceylin got married again after the painful events they experienced. It was learned that Çınar was not the murderer, and that Serdar followed Engin’s instructions and killed Zafer for money.

Serdar escaped, but still, the moments of Çınar and Zafer’s struggle emerged from his phone, which was seized during the search made in Yekta’s office. It was understood that Zafer, who was injured during the struggle, was also killed by Serdar, along with the message he sent to Engin after he killed Zafer.

Thus, Ceylin unfairly blamed Çınar before the truth came out, causing her to divorce Ilgaz. The wedding of the lovers, held on a beach in the season finale, was like the final scene of the series. All the murders were solved, the lovers were reunited, and the impression was given that they got married and flew to a happy life as in similar TV series.

However, of course, this would not have left any joy, curiosity or excitement for the next season! Therefore, there was such a shock in the last scene that 6 months later, it was seen that Ceylin killed Ilgaz and therefore was caught by Eren while escaping.

In the short scenes that came to the screen at the end of the episode for a while, it was seen that Ceylin entered her office with a bloody knife in her hand, blood on her head, came after Eren and treated her very harshly, first took her to Forensic Medicine and then took her to the Police Department for interrogation. However, it could not be understood who was taken into custody on suspicion of killing. In the end, Eren said, “How did you do it, how did it cut it? Why did she kill Ilgaz Kaya?” He explained the truth that shocked the audience with his question!

Now the new season is eagerly awaited. What happened in 6 months, Ceylin? Was she in a position to kill Ilgaz? We will have to wait longer for the answer to this question. But there was one person who did not go unnoticed by the watchful audience during the wedding scene! Or rather, not a single person smiled at all, while everyone was celebrating the remarriage of lovers with great joy!

The tense, reluctant, sad, joyless, dejected look in her eyes, which did not fit with this happy environment, attracted attention! Who was this name? Ceylin’s mother Gül! Gül, successfully brought to life by the master actress Zeyno Eracar, was not happy at all on this happy day of her daughter! Moreover, there was another depth in her eyes!

Çınar did not kill Zafer. It seems unlikely that Gül, who was initially angry with Ilgaz and his family for the murder of her husband, harbored hostility after everything was revealed. Even Ceylin understood that it was a great injustice. It was her father who kidnapped Çınar, threatened her with a gun, and made a move to kill her. While Çınar was trying to protect himself, the gun accidentally exploded and Zafer was injured only in a non-lethal armpit. It was Serdar, who came to the scene later on, who finished the job and killed him with two bullets.

After all this came to light, what was that expression on Gül’s face on the day Ilgaz and her daughter Ceylin, who were not involved in the events, got married again?

As a grieving woman who lost her daughter and husband, no one expected her to run around with enthusiasm, but there was another detail in Gül’s expression! We will watch and see how accurate this prediction is in the new season. However, some viewers also thought that Gül had killed Ilgaz for some reason and that Ceylin would take responsibility for the murder so that her mother would not go to jail.

Gül’s expression in the last scenes, the images accompanying the music, and the way she was at the wedding also increased the doubts of the audience. Was a message given to the audience with this detail that did not go unnoticed, this question will find an answer in the new season. But nobody thinks that Ceylin can’t kill Ilgaz, whom she is so in love with.

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