Series News Differences between men and women in the Turkish series!

Differences between men and women in the Turkish series!


Kadir Has University faculty members research on the Turkish series.

12 best series, 161 male and female characters with the highest number of visits in 6 channels were examined. The summary of the emerging female character is as follows: Poor character, humiliated place, homemaker and emotional …

Men look more like …

47 percent of women in the role allocation, 53 percent of men.

According to the survey, male characters are two to three times more likely.

It is both nice and weak!

Two of the three females studied were weak characters.

Almost all of the female characters are married. Her marital status is certain.

There is no such problem in men. Where in the morning, there may be evening. The day may be day, it is free.

In the series, the housewife is in power by an overwhelming majority.

Female characters, 79 percent of the children are looking at.

I think men sometimes caress and go out.

The percentage of ‘housewives’ is 92 percent. The female character who works is around 20 percent.

When it comes to ‘business’, 82 percent of male characters are in the forefront.

In the Stage of Violence and Threats the men were in the front panel (79 percent)

If it is humiliation as ‘being like a woman’, 62 percent.

In the series, the male profile is rough (69 percent is so) and aggressive (62 percent).

Female characters are emotional (80 percent), docile (64 percent) and dreamer (77 percent).

In the Turkish series, the number of young female actors turned out to be 2.5 times the number of young male actors.