Disaster for the Ramo was the opportunity for the Last Summer!
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3 October 2022 08:29


Disaster for the Ramo was the opportunity for the Last Summer!

The lottery hit the Last Summer drama, but for Ramo, the opposite is true! Fox TV’s Last Summer series, which aired on Friday evenings, is one of the most talked about productions lately. It was also noticed from the audience comments from time to time that there is a passage between Last Summer and Ramo series. Both series continued on their way, with ratings above average. But there was black news for Ramo.

The audience will remember that the ratings of Last Summer drama were very good the week before Ramo was aired. The fact that Show TV has made the final decision for Ramo after 5 episodes will sadden some viewers, and for others, it will give the chance to switch to Last Summer completely.

Last Summer, which is planned to continue in the next season, will take its place on the screen tonight, Friday, April 2 with its 14th new episode. There will be important developments in the exciting story of the series.

The excitement was raised with the trailers shared one after the other before the 14th episode of the Last Summer. You can find all the details and trailers from the new episode of the series, which starred Ali Atay, Alperen Duymaz, Funda Eryiğit and Hafsanur Sancaktutan.

Yağmur is very surprised by Akgün’s marriage exit. Akgün relieves Yağmur. He does not talk about getting married right away, but wants to explain their relationship to Yağmur’s family by saying this is their intention. Although Yağmur is afraid of the reaction of her parents, she does not want to discourage Akgün.

Despite having question marks in his head, he agrees with Akgün’s excitement and asks him to inform him before explaining the situation to his father. Akgün is disturbed that he feels like he is doing business every minute that Selim is with him, and he tells Selim that he wants to marry Yağmur in a place where there will never be.

Canan is in a difficult situation due to the photos sent by Halil Sadi. If the photos are leaked, their reputation will suffer. Halil Sadi will do everything in his power to prevent Selim from squeezing Cemal and getting the evidence he has. Selim does not want to endanger Canan and for the first time decides to let go of a job. However, Canan is very angry about being played on herself and asks Selim not to stop. Meanwhile, the assigned to Selim comes definitely. Surely, who has sharp prejudices against Selim, thinks that Canan also had a hand in the incident.

While Selim and Canan try to fend off their troubles, they come face to face with the marriage exit of Akgün and Yağmur.

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