Do not be surprised if Erkan Meriç's new series, Yazgı, takes over the world in a short time!
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4 December 2022 12:27


Do not be surprised if Erkan Meriç’s new series, Yazgı, takes over the world in a short time!

Many TV series fans are eagerly waiting for the daily series called Yazgı (Fate), which will be broadcast on tv8. Among the reasons for this curiosity; There are issues such as the fact that an influential male lead like Erkan Meriç is in the foreground, the story is different and how the harmony of the leading female actor Yağmur Öztürk and Erkan Meriç will be.

Erkan Meriç, who gained great popularity with the character of Ömer in the TV series Adını Sen Koy, took a break from the series for a while, but then returned to the sets with the productions named Savaşçı (Warrior) and Gülümse Kaderine (Smile Destiny). Erkan Meriç fans are very pleased that the actor will return to the screen with a daily series.

The fact that Yazgı has a mysterious story full of secrets was another factor that increased the curiosity of the audience. Every person is a story. But some people’s stories cannot be told alone. “Yazgı” will be the story of two young people who grew up without knowing each other for years, while making their own plans and encountering the plans of fate.

Since it is such an interesting love story, the harmony and energies of Erkan Meriç and Yağmur Öztürk seem to be the most important factors for the success of the series.

The sale of another daily serial on tv8, Canım Annem (My Dear Mother), to 13 different countries has increased the expectations that Yazgı will achieve a similar success in the near future.

Canım Annem was last sold to four more countries in South America and thus entered the Latin American market. The taste of the audience in Latin America is of great importance for the series Fate.

The projects in which the viewers in Latin American countries, who follow Turkish serials intensively on social media, are interested, are broadcast in these countries and in their own language after a while. It will not surprise anyone that a similar process is experienced for the series of destiny.

Among the actors in the Yazgı series, which will be broadcast on tv8 every weekday, are; There are names such as Alper Türedi, Elvan Boran, Buket Dereoğlu, Numan Çakır, Ufuk Kaplan, Cem Baza, Derya Kurtuluş Oktar, Hülya Diken, Ceren Yavuz, Halil İbrahim Yılmaz, Melih Özkaya.

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