Do not be surprised if the corpse issue in the Yargı series turns out to be different! Pınar Deniz gave the tip!
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30 March 2023 04:52


Do not be surprised if the corpse issue in the Yargı series turns out to be different! Pınar Deniz gave the tip!

The story of the Yargı series broadcast on Kanal D screens is so successfully edited that the audience is left with opposite corners every week! It was predicted that Engin would somehow escape from the hospital last week, but the events flowed to such a place that the audience was left with a completely different question mark.

Sema Ergenekon writes the script for the TV series The Yargı, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu. At the end of a long and arduous process, the story of the series emerged. Ergenekon watched the cases and observed people in the courthouse corridors and courtrooms for two years.

In the Ay Yapım signed Yargı series directed by Ali Bilgin, there is only one question everyone is asking now: Whose corpse is Ceylin stepping on?” In fact, another question is what happened to Ceylin, who realized that Engin was going to run away and hid in her car!

Finally, Engin got into the car left by his father in the parking lot of the hospital. The audience saw Ceylin hiding in the back seat of that vehicle. What happens next is a complete mystery! Ceylin was lying unconscious on the ground at night in a forested area in the last scene.

When she regained consciousness, she did not understand where she was and tried to stand up in fear. It was then that she noticed the gun in her hand and took two steps back in horror. Just then, she tripped on something and fell. It turned out that a person’s legs were the object she was attached to.

While Ceylin was looking at that person in shock, everyone had the impression that there was a murdered person next to them and that Ceylin had shot him with the gun in her hand. What kind of trap did Ceylin fall into and is the person next to her dead? Does that body belong to Engin? Or to his father?

There are many questions, of course, and people are quite confused. While the predictions were flying after the 13th episode aired, there are rumors that Engin’s character will die in the series and Onur Durmaz will bid farewell to the Yargı.

It is voiced by those who watch the Yargı that a big reverse has come! That’s why it is said that the predictions will be in vain. Yargı can also draw the audience into a story they never anticipated.

Here is the scene that is the subject of discussion and leaves you wondering in the 13th episode:

The excited waiting began. Before this wait, a note from Pınar Deniz makes the audience even more excited! The actress shared the photo of the 14th episode scenario and said, “What kind of episode is this?” downgrade. The scenario, which surprised and astonished Pınar Deniz, will probably give the audience unexpected twists and turns!

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