Artists News Does Hande Erçel have limits on the role?

Does Hande Erçel have limits on the role?


Famous actress Hande Erçel, who appeared before the lens in the fascinating and historical atmosphere of Budapest for the October issue of Marie Claire Magazine, made striking statements about her work and private life in an interview.

Noting that she lives an ordinary life, the actress said, “My daily life is normal and peaceful. It is as calm and serene as you can even imagine.”

Acting before the lens with the glamorous jewels of the jewelery brand she is the advertising face of, the actress said that she earned everything she owned by working hard and struggling.

Hande Erçel said, “Even on the most difficult days, I did not have the luxury of giving up. Sometimes I get used up and broken too. In times like these, I can’t stand strong. Afterwards, I try to find strength again by holding on to the things for which I am grateful.”

Expressing that she expresses her emotions by painting, the actress admitted that she forgot everything while drawing. The actress, whose new project is eagerly awaited, spoke about her career plan as follows; “I can play any role whose script feels right to me. I don’t have many limits on that.”

Stating that she is not a fashion person, Hande Erçel also drew attention with her words, “I have nothing to do with fashion, I care about the brand and I consume carefully. .

The biggest role model of the actress is her mother, Aylin Erçel, who has recently passed away.

The beautiful actress said, “I take her upright stance, her free spirit, and her never-lost joy as an example in every situation that has happened to me at every stage of my life.”