Does Tolgahan Sayışman change his career?
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27 March 2023 13:41


Does Tolgahan Sayışman change his career?

Tolgahan Sayışman, who returned to the screens with the word of honor after the My Champion series, but turned to different areas after the series that made the final after 4 episodes, had a celebration dinner with his son.

The actor announced for the first time that he will enter the construction and textile business and that he will enter the business. Not only in Turkey, he told the project abroad. The actor also emphasized that he worked on this issue for a long time.

During the conversation, it was revealed that 1.5 Efehan was more fond of his father. Almeda Abazi said that her son was growing up quickly and that she was not very tired because he was growing up, and that he was very mischievous. Abazi said, “He’s more fond of him because it takes me 24 hours.”

Speaking about the feeling of being a father, Sayışman is an indescribable feeling. I’m playing with him. He misses me so much. He doesn’t get out of my lap. The child is right anyway. “I can run away from home when he sleeps, he won’t leave me”.

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