Dogu Demirkol is profitable from coronavirus!
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2 October 2022 10:01


Dogu Demirkol is profitable from coronavirus!

Dogu Demirkol, who shows himself in the talent contest, continues his screen adventure with the series of Unbearable.

Demirkol exhibited his stand-up ability with his successful performance in the O Ses Türkiye New Year’s program and made him popular with the masses.

The series of Unbearable on the TRT1 screen will also be an important bend in his career point. The actor who plays the character of Tarık in the series was one of the people who benefited most from the coronavirus outbreak.

In the new concept of the series, which can not be held online, home shootings were emphasized, and the personal performances of the players gained importance with this concept.

Doğu Demirkol became even more prominent with the new concept, where it displayed its stand-up experience. His success in this business made the show stand out compared to the other home series.

It is obvious that the coronavirus process brings positive results for Doğu Demirkol.

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