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9 August 2022 17:58


Don’t do it! In the Yalnız Kurt series, the screenwriters are running into a mistake!

Yalnız Kurt series, which draws attention with its story, plot, cast and messages despite its new start on the ATV screen, also gets good ratings. The fourth episode of Yalnız Kurt, which had a good start from the first episode and became a solid series of Friday competition, is eagerly awaited.

Fascinated by Cihan Ünal’s magnificent performance and voice, the audience watches the events and messages about Turkey’s recent past without missing a second. Yalnız Kurt managed to connect many viewers to him, especially in terms of showing the dimensions of the parallel structure within the state and revealing how much damage it caused to the country. However, at this point, it is necessary to warn that the screenwriters are heading towards a mistake, step by step.

With the fourth episode, the characters Sare and Altay, played by the leading actors Damla Colbay and Hasan Denizyaran, are taking the first steps towards a love… Those who support it so firmly will be disturbed by it.

The Yalnız Kurt TV series, signed by Osman Sınav, brought to the fore the attitude of giving a message about Turkey’s recent period and showing people what they did not see at some points. In other words, the audience watching the series is not that interested in the subject of experiencing a love in the story.

It is not easy to predict whether it will be positive or negative on the part of the audience, even if Sare and Altay are influenced by each other and create a love.

The Yalnız Kurt series appeared not only as a series, but as a production watched by many as a documentary. For those who try to understand the subtext of the messages given and who want to understand what really happened in Turkey’s recent history, the element of love in the story can create not only a positive but also a negative situation.

Everyone can see that feelings will intensify and a love will sprout between Sare and Altay in the new episodes of the series. However, it is necessary to convey to the screenwriters that this should not be presented too early, and that the message that the series wants to give should be focused first.

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