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13 August 2022 04:15


Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman, the stars of the Destan series, are getting married today!

The beautiful actress Ebru Şahin, who has been together for about 2 years, and Cedi Osman, the star name of basketball, are getting married today.

Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman couple will sit at the wedding table in Ohrid, Macedonia. Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman, who got engaged to the family in the past months, will crown their happy union with a signature.

The wedding ceremony of the couple will take place in a very remarkable place. The famous couple will put the official signature in the historical city of North Macedonia, Ohrid, where Cedi Osman was born. The ceremony will take place on a boat on the lake.

Only close friends and family members of the couple will attend the ceremony in North Macedonia. The wedding ceremony will be held at a beach in Çeşme, Turkey, where the couple met.

The wedding on July 7 will be quite high. The organization team has been mobilized to make the wedding enjoyable.

Posting her posing with her fiancee from Macedonia on her Instagram account, Ebru Şahin’s post received many likes and comments. Fans of the actress wished the couple happiness.

Actress Ebru Şahin attracted attention with her character “Burcu” in the Istanbullu Gelin (Bride of İstanbul) series. ATV’s Hercai series, which was broadcast between 2019-2021, was the turning point of the actress’s career.

Ebru Şahin, in the face of questions from members of the press about the aftermath of the wedding, made the statement, “These are private matters, but I will continue acting.”

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