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4 July 2022 02:14


Ebru Şahin became a female wolf with her images in Destan series!

Famous actress Ebru Şahin will make one of the most different productions of the television screen in the new season. The actress, who will appear in Destan series with the character Akkız, will both surprise and fascinate her fans.

The images from Destan, which emerged as the most ambitious series of the new season on ATV screens, point to a much better series than the audience expected. Both the trailer and the shared photos of Destan series had great repercussions on social media.

The fans of the series are very pleased that Ebru Şahin, whom they call the “she-wolf”, will return to the screen with a tough female character. The actress, who plays the role of a naive lover with the character of Reyyan, portrayed in the TV series Hercai, will turn into a completely different person in her new series.

Akkız character is very effective; She is a character who can use arrows well, knows how to fight and is also a master at riding a horse… The shared images of Ebru Şahin show that this character suits this character very well.

The actress, who displays a new image with her hair, has turned into a completely different person with her clothes in the story set in the 8th century.

Social media users liked this version of Ebru Şahin very much. Fans gave lots of compliments. The fact that Akkız character is a strong woman and has a charismatic image has already greatly increased the interest in the series Destan.

In the trailer of Destan series, the following words of the Akkız character also explain how effective the series is:

“I am Dag’s daughter, Akkız! I have come to be a hand to those who do not have a hand. I came to be the way for those who have no feet. I came to make up for the lack, to set the slave free, to write my epic on the mountain to the sky.”

Ebru Şahin will be on the ATV screen again with Destan series. The actress, who took a long training for this role, also learned a lot about martial arts.

The actress, who has already learned how to ride a horse in the Hercai series, will demonstrate her mastery in the Destan series.

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