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4 July 2022 06:08


Ebru Şahin called out to her fans who accepted her into their hearts!

Famous actress Ebru Şahin continues on her path as a name that has gained a large fan base in a short time and always feeds them with love both with her words and attitudes.

The actress, who always thanked her fans with loving words, explained that she did a job she loved and wanted, and as a result, she did not feel uncomfortable with being recognized. Speaking to Sabah newspaper, the actress said, “There are many people who welcome me into their homes and hearts. This is very precious to me. In general, I try to look at life on the positive side,” she said.

The actress, who settled in the hearts with the character of Reyyan in the TV series Hercai, has a personality that fights for the sake of what she believes in, and because she saw this in the character of Akkız, she had a very good integration with the Destan series.

Talking about her character, the actress said: “Akkız is a warrior who has turned her revenge into a quest for justice. She is ambitious, headstrong, and follows what she believes in… At the same time, he is compassionate even if she doesn’t want to show it.”

Explaining that the Akkız character will always have a special place in her career, the actress is also very pleased to meet such a role at the beginning of her career.

“It was my dream to show that women can also exist in the action world and with a strong stance,” said the actress, adding that Mehmet Bozdağ’s desire to create an imaginary heroine combined with her own motivation.

The actress said, “When these two motivations combined, a very good job came out. “Akkız” will always be a special character that I dream of in my career.”

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