Ebru Şahin experienced fearful moments with a wild bird on the set of Destan
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1 December 2022 05:31


Ebru Şahin experienced fearful moments with a wild bird on the set of Destan

Ebru Destan, who created wonders in Destan, the new period series of ATV screens, won the admiration of those who followed the series. The young actress broke new ground in her career with the series Hercai, which said goodbye to the screens last season. She became a star with the epic series.

Ebru Şahin made a big difference to the audience after the character of Reyyan she gave life to in Hercai. Ebru Şahin, who plays the heroine who terrorizes her enemies with her sword in hand after the naive, fragile Reyyan, reveals that she has improved herself in every aspect and prepared hard for the series.

The actress, who received combat training during the months of preliminary preparations and went through hard work to shoot arrows and use a sword on horseback, gives her role to the fullest.

While Ebru Şahin’s performance in the one-to-one fight scenes in the series, whose 2 episodes were broadcast, was highly appreciated by her fans on social media, the TV series that came to the screen on Tuesday evenings managed to sit in the first place in the rating table, overtaking the Masumlar Apartmanı.

Ebru Şahin appears before the audience as Akkız in the story, which takes place in the 8th century, at a time when the Turks had not yet converted to Islam. Known as the double-headed wolf’s claw, Akkız gets great acclaim for her role.

Ebru Şahin, who gave life to the women of the period with her costumes, hair and stance, shared her slightly fearful moments with a Şahin brought to the set for the series on Instagram.

It can be understood from the facial expressions that the actress is very nervous about Şahin on her arm, but after a while, she gets used to it and gets more comfortable.

Here are the shares of Ebru Şahin…

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