Ebru Şahin gave an image like a mermaid with her bikini poses, her fans loved it!
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1 February 2023 21:12


Ebru Şahin gave an image like a mermaid with her bikini poses, her fans loved it!

Ebru Şahin had a serious leap in her career with the character of Reyyan in the Hercai series broadcast on ATV. After this series, she appeared in front of the audience with a completely different character. She is on the screen with the character Akkız in the period series Destan, which was also broadcast on ATV.

Ebru Şahin went through a special training process for the series, whose second season is highly anticipated. Throughout the season, the actress had a tough time as the lead actress of the series. She took private lessons for the battle scenes, but she continued to take part in the series with excitement even though she was tired.

At the end of the period she spent throughout the season, the actress doubled the number of fans. She was loved very much with the role of Akkız, who almost forgot the character of Reyyan. Foreign fans around the world follow Ebru Şahin with enthusiasm…

Currently, she is on the agenda with her marriage to Basketball Player Cedi Osman. The actress had a big wedding in Çeşme after the wedding in her husband’s hometown. Attracting attention with two separate weddings and a wedding dress, the actress is currently on her honeymoon.

Two poses of the actress, who is in Macedonia, taken by the sea, received great appreciation from her followers. The actress, who has a lot of fun and rest on the beaches of her husband’s hometown, does not leave her fans unaware and often shares.

The actress, who has 4.1 million followers on Instagram, is appreciated for her bikini poses and praised for her fit body. Ebru Şahin’s last bikini posts were marked “Between heaven and earth”.

While thousands of comments were made on the actress’s share, there were messages full of praise for her photos. Many fans compared the pose of the actress to a mermaid.

Ebru Şahin, who has been in love with Cedi Osman, a basketball player who has been playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA teams for a while, got married in the past weeks in a boat in Ohrid, North Macedonia.

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