Ebru Şahin gave an important clue about the Destan series!
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4 February 2023 18:29


Ebru Şahin gave an important clue about the Destan series!

The Destan series, broadcast on ATV on Tuesday evenings, tells the story of a female protagonist named Akkız. The story of the series, which takes place in the eighth century, is based on an imaginary heroism… Ebru Şahin was persuaded to return to the series sets again after the Hercai project, as such an impressive role came.

Ebru Şahin, who is in the lead role of the series Destan with Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar, works at an intense pace and puts great effort into each episode. The actress, who received special training for the fight scenes and did not hide that she was very tired during the shooting, also gave some clues about the story.

Akkız and Batuga go together towards the same goal and details are of great importance. Ebru Şahin, the development of feelings between the two young people, indicates that some things will change in the story.

Ebru Şahin drew attention to this change and gave an idea about the upcoming episodes with the following words: “After meeting someone she believes to be the other half of her destiny; In time, we will see the change in feelings arising from reality, sincerity and a hand-to-hand struggle.”

With these words, Ebru Şahin states that Akkız and Batuga will be more influenced by each other in the upcoming episodes. So the steps of love will slowly begin to cover the series.

Edip Tepeli, who successfully portrayed the character of Batuga, drew attention to another situation in this regard. Stating that both characters do not aim for love, Edip Tepeli said, “This is actually the love of two characters who never put love at the center of their lives. For me, playing this is a very difficult and challenging process. As Edip, I have to forget everything I know about love and build a love story on it. Because it’s unlike anything I’ve experienced in my own life.”

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