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2 July 2022 09:12


Ebru Şahin got engaged! Cedi Osman’s coffee comment, who wanted his girlfriend from his family, was on the agenda!

Ebru Şahin, the star of ATV’s Destan (Epic) series, got engaged. The famous actress, who started to fall in love with Cedi Osman, who plays in the NBA, in the summer of 2020, took the first step towards marriage.

Cedi Osman proposed to her lover Ebru Şahin in Cappadocia last summer and received the answer “Yes”. The famous couple, who was preparing to sit at the wedding table at the end of the summer, got engaged with a ceremony between the family.

Cedi Osman went to ask for Erbu Şahin from his family living in Tekirdağ. The couple wore engagement rings.

Ebru Şahin shared her happiness with her fans on her Instagram account.

Ebru Şahin dropped the note “Yesterday was a bit eventful” on the engagement photos she published on her social media account.

The photos of the couple, whose happiness was read from their eyes, also made their fans happy.

The photos received close to 5,000 comments in a short time. Many famous names, including Berkay Şahin, Aslıhan Gürbüz, Aslıhan Güner, Burcu Kara and İpek Karapınar, also wished the couple happiness.

Ebru Şahin dazzled with her elegance. The beautiful actress got full marks from her fans with her tassel-detailed mini white dress she wore at the engagement ceremony.

Cedi Osman’s comment ‘The coffee was very good’ under the photos also received thousands of likes from the actress’s followers.

Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman, who shared their excitement with their fans, will sit at the wedding table at the end of summer.

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