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7 July 2022 07:00


Ebru Şahin has surpassed herself in Destan series!

You will watch Ebru Şahin in the lead role in the Destan series, which is expected to start on the ATV screen in November. The actress comes with a very different role after the character of Reyyan in Hercai.

Reyyan was a character of today’s world. Reyyan, who is a naive, loving and motherly character, and Ebru Şahin achieved great popularity. Ebru Şahin, who managed to make her name known not only in our country but also all over the world thanks to the Hercai series, now undertook a very difficult task.

The new project of Bozdağ Film, the producer of Diriliş Ertuğrul and Establishment Osman TV series, will be quite different. Ebru Şahin made important preparations for the series, which is the reflection of a dream.

Using swords, learning martial arts and various action moves, the actress will surprise her fans with her different image.

The actress, whom we will watch in the character of Akkız, will appear before the audience as a person who clings to life with difficulty and dedicates herself to goodness in the story set in the eighth century.

Fighting relentlessly with the enemies, Akkız is a very good fighter and her story is circulating. Akkız, who will also engage in a power struggle, will enter a very different world after her paths cross with Batuga.

The story of Akkız and Batuga seems to impress the audience a lot. You can find more details in the newly released trailer of Destan series.

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