Ebru Şahin left the mouths open with the fight scene in Destan!
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5 October 2022 11:16


Ebru Şahin left the mouths open with the fight scene in Destan!

The second episode of the Destan series, which started to be screened last week on ATV and, so to speak, stormed, was broadcast last night. Ebru Şahin, in the series where a female heroine was featured for the first time, impressed the audience again with her fight scene.

Although Ebru Şahin is still very new in the world of television, she works wonders on the screen. Destan is the second leading role of Ebru Şahin, who made a name for herself with Hercai. However, her performance in the series Destan proves that she is the right choice for this role.

Ebru Şahin, who rides a horse and uses a sword very well, works wonders especially in the fight scenes in the series Destan. The sword fight scene of the talented actress with Saltuk Beg, played by Kanbolat Görkem Aslan, in the second episode aired last night, left the audience’s mouths open.

Destan, who destroyed the ratings with Ebru Şahin’s successful performance, was loved by the audience. Viewers describe Destan as “the best Turkish drama ever shot”. The Destan series is getting the expected result in the ratings.

Destan has a different place in the history of Turkish TV series, as it is the first time that a female protagonist has come to the fore. Men have always been shown as the strongest characters in historical TV series shot so far. As a female warrior hero, Ebru Şahin takes a leading role in a very special production in the Turkish TV series industry.

The series, whose story takes place in the eighth century, is also focused on the goal of exhibiting the traces of Turkish culture in Central Asia. Carrying the audience to a period they have never seen before, Destan also attracts great attention from abroad.

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