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5 July 2022 14:39


Ebru Şahin, the star of Destan, is on the set of the TV series, but her mind is stuck in Africa!

Ebru Şahin, who took a leap in her career with the character of ‘Reyyan’ she played in the TV series Hercai, is preparing to return to the screens with her new series ‘Destan’.

The series, in which Ebru Şahin took the leading role, was sold abroad before it even came to the screen. Destan, who will bring Ebru Destan to the screen as a she-wolf, arouses great curiosity, especially with its action scenes.

Ebru Şahin is working hard for her new series, but her Instagram posts make people say, “The actress’ mind is stuck in Africa”.

Ebru Şahin, who went on an African vacation with Cedi Osman, the national basketball player who played in the Cleveland Cavaliers team in the NBA last July, shared many photos from her African vacation on social media.

The photos shared by Ebru Şahin, who draws attention with her random hair, by writing “Life is a discovery”, were showered with appreciation by her followers.

The famous actress, who recently received a romantic marriage proposal from her lover in Cappadocia, gave him her answer ‘Yes’ to Cedi Osman. The couple started their marriage preparations.

According to the news in the magazine press, the famous couple is planning to get married in the next summer with a wedding of approximately 250 people. Ebru Şahin has already started to search for a venue for her weddings.

It is also said that Ebru Şahin was personally involved in the decoration of the 3-storey luxury villa, where Cedi Osman bought a house for approximately 6 million liras from Zekeriyaköy to live with the famous actress.

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