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9 August 2022 14:54


Ebru Şahin, the star of the Destan series, continues to reap the fruits of her success!

After her big break in the Hercai series, Ebru Şahin, who clinched her success with the Destan series, continues to receive the fruits of her efforts. The successful actress was awarded another award.

Successful actress Ebru Şahin made her name known not only to Turkey but to the whole world with the Hercai series.

Ebru Şahin continues the success she achieved with the Hercai series with Destan. Having received praise from everyone for her performance, she continues to receive the fruits of her labor.

Ebru Şahin, who lived through the most successful days of her career, was deemed worthy of another award. The successful actress received the “Female Television Actor of the Year” award at the Turkey Women’s Summit Awards. While her fans stated that Ebru Şahin deserved this award until the end, she said that the beautiful actress will come to even better places.

Playing the heroine Akkız in the TV series Destan, which was broadcast on the ATV screen, the actress continues to be on the agenda in many countries of the world. It is considered a great success that the series is being broadcast in many countries within the same time frame as well as Turkey.

Ebru Şahin has so successfully handled the warrior Akkız character, which is extremely difficult to portray, that she astonished everyone with her performance. Thanks to her discipline and love for her job, Ebru Şahin achieved great success with Destan.

Winning hearts with her modesty, Ebru Şahin is having good days not only in her career but also in her private life. The beautiful actress, who is preparing to marry her boyfriend Cedi Osman, who plays basketball in the NBA, also draws attention with her exemplary relationship.

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