Ebru Şahin tried it for the first time in her TV career and was very successful!
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4 February 2023 12:06


Ebru Şahin tried it for the first time in her TV career and was very successful!

Famous actress Ebru Şahin made a comeback in the new season. After the magnificent setting of the Hercai series that lasted for 3 seasons, this time the actress creates wonders with the Destan series.

Ebru Şahin, who brought the Akkız character to life, has always been in drama roles. The actress made a naive and emotional performance with the character of Reyyan in the TV series Hercai. However, the high-action in the Destan series was a first in her career.

Ebru Şahin is pleased that what she has done is close to reality. The actress is constantly studying the fight scenes with her trainers and cares a lot about how this is reflected on the screen.

The actress said, “Action is something I tried for the first time in my life. I got really excited watching them. With our melee trainers, we negotiated with everyone. Can we really give the audience something real? Is that girl real? I always ask him. He is excited,”.

The actress, who is very pleased with the reactions to the Destan series, is almost flying with happiness because a good job has come out. The actress, who was also very successful in the action scenes she experienced for the first time, opened a new page in her career.

Ebru Şahin thanked everyone for their support and said: “I am very happy. I left the episode very emotional. A thousand thanks to all my fellow players, to the whole team. We brought the thing in our dream world to television. This is a very important, very meaningful project for me. I also want to send my love to everyone watching us.”

You can see thousands of posts on social media that the actress has performed very successfully. Ebru Şahin’s fans are very happy with her new role and TV series. After the production of Hercai, the actress took a very important step for the future with Destan.

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