Series News Ebru Şahin’s role as Akkız, the Destan series, broke a new record

Ebru Şahin’s role as Akkız, the Destan series, broke a new record

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Although Ebru Şahin has acted in other TV series before, the Hercai series was a turning point in her career. After Reyyan in Hercai, where he appeared in front of the camera with Akın Akınözü, he returned with such a role in Destan that he did not leave anyone’s word to do justice to the love and interest of the audience for him!

Ebru Şahin and Edip Tepeli starring in the Destan series, which was screened on ATV, is the fruit of a long preparation process. It is the product of two names who wrote the script of the series, Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz, who wrote the story of the Black Sea and signed the first season scenario. Two screenwriters also wrote the script for the TV series Sefirin Kızı.

The Destan series, signed by Bozdağ Film, came to the screen with its first episode on November 23, 2021. The Turkish-made series, directed by Emir Khalilzadeh, gives a successful test in the genre of history and fiction.

It was a production whose preparations continued for a long time and attracted attention both in terms of the language of the period used by the actors, as well as the costumes and venues. The Destan series comes to the screen on Tuesday evenings and it has already dethroned the Masumlar Apartmanı and placed in the first place in the rating!

Ebru Şahin's role as Akkız, the Destan series, broke a new record 7

A short break was given to the popular series of ATV. It will be on the air again with its new episode on Tuesday, January 18, next week. Meanwhile, the good news from Destan makes its audience happy. It is seen that the number of views of the first episode of the series, which was broadcast on the Internet, exceeded 10 million.

In this sense, he also holds an important record! It is seen in the last promotion that the return of Destan, whose new episode is eagerly awaited, will be better than expected. The social media success of the series, which has not been on the screen for 3 weeks, is amazing! Every episode of Destan published on the internet has huge viewing rates.

While Akkız shows her support for Batuga by returning to Gök Saray, the capture of Kaya and Temur Teginler against Çolpan Hatun causes the two khanates to take a position of war.

Akkız, who unexpectedly returned to the Gök Saray with Kün Ata and confronted Alpagu Han, puts her life forward to show that she will not leave Batuga alone in the struggle for the throne. While Batuga is trying to protect Akkız from her father’s wrath, the news that Kaya and Temur tegins have been captured by Çolpan Hatun falls like a bombshell in Gök Saray.