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29 May 2022 04:15


Ebru Şahin’s teammates in the series Destan were very upset!

For many TV series fans, watching the scenes of the series Destan (Epic) is an insatiable feast… The Destan series, which was created on a great plateau and with an effective production, was a production that the actors had to receive intensive training. At the very beginning of the series, the preparations were well done and the actors learned many new techniques from different trainers. The reflection of the trainings received on subjects such as fighting, using a sword and riding a horse also draws attention with the successful scenes of the series.

Ebru Şahin is also pleased to meet her fans again with her Akkız character. The actress appears in front of the audience every Tuesday evening and draws attention with her fight scenes. The actress, who had to shoot barefoot scenes in the first episodes of the series, explained that the cold weather also forced her.

Ebru Şahin recalled those days with these words: “I had to shoot barefoot scenes for 40 days in the first episodes. It was very difficult to act or shoot a scene in that cold bare feet every day. It had turned into a moment when the whole team looked at you sadly. I can say that I had a hard time there,” she said.

Explaining that she enjoys her job in the Destan series, the actress is therefore happy to be in such a production, even if there are challenging scenes. The actress, who returned to the sets for a very special project after her 3 seasons success in the Hercai series, is in the most important period of her career.

Ebru Şahin, who has a large fan base not only in Turkey but also abroad, has become a name that is followed carefully in many countries of the world.

You witness that Ebru Şahin is also talked about a lot on social media with her effective fight scenes, her use of swords, and the choreography consisting of different movements in these scenes.

The actress plays an eighth-century female protagonist and has run her business quite successfully so far. A series process continues, which is satisfied by both the actress, the producer, the channel and the audience.

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