Eda Ece and Melis Sezen kept their energy, Fox TV changed its mind when they saw the ratings!
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2 December 2022 18:24


Eda Ece and Melis Sezen kept their energy, Fox TV changed its mind when they saw the ratings!

Maske Kimsin Sen competition program on Fox TV attracted great attention over the weekend. Although it was criticized by many on social media, the ratings of the program were very good.

There is information that the RTÜK has also started an investigation for the mask Kimsin Sen program. Various criticisms were made about the propaganda of satanism in the program. In addition, many criticisms came that the masks were pagan symbols and created a frightening image for children.

Eda Ece shared on her twitter account against these criticisms and wrote that the program was broadcast in many countries and even met with the audience in Arab countries. The duo of Eda Ece and Melis Sezen also suited the program very well… The two successful actors, who try to get to know the famous names who appeared on the stage with masks as detectives, are among the leading female actors of the last period.

Alican Yücesoy and Doğu Demirkol also add color to the program as male detectives. Tansel Öngel’s excitement, energy and muffled voice did not go unnoticed…

The fact that 5 famous names, which we often see in different characters in TV series, take part in such a competition, and famous names participate in the program in masks, and the combination of music and entertainment at the same time, the ratings are good.

Fox TV, which had good results on January 1-2, announced that it would first broadcast the third episode of the program on Sunday. Then, by making changes, it was shared that the competition will be on the screen both on Saturday and Sunday.

Eda Ece and Melis Sezen’s “Maske Kimsin Sen” program, which impresses with its high energy and dazzles with its beauty, will again reveal its claim this weekend. Considering that the TV series Gönül Dağı, Teşkilat and Yargı will be on the screen at the weekend, we will see how the program will get a rating against these series.

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