Eda Ece, Melis Sezen and Tansel Öngel met in a surprise project!
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28 March 2023 02:00


Eda Ece, Melis Sezen and Tansel Öngel met in a surprise project!

The world-famous competition program “Maske Kimsin Sen?” Counting the days to meet the FOX audience. The program, which was previously announced to be broadcast on Kanal D, changed the channel. Tansel Öngel remained as the presenter of the program.

Melis Sezen is among the detectives in the extraordinary competition program, which is a phenomenon all over the world under the name “The Masked Singer”… The outstanding beautiful actress of the last period won an award by being shown among the “shining stars” at the Golden Butterfly Awards last week.

Melis Sezen made a big breakthrough with her character Derin in the TV series “Sadakatsiz”. While the successful course of the series broadcast on Kanal D continues, Melis Sezen continues to increase her popularity. The actress will now take the show together with the series.

Tansel Öngel, who we watched in the character of Naci in the series Innocent Apartments, took her place as the presenter of the program. Eda Ece, on the other hand, made a big debut with Yasak Elma series. The actress, whom we watched as Yıldız in the series broadcast on Fox TV for five seasons, will now meet with her fans once again in the competition program on the same screen.

So what kind of competition will you watch? Famous names in their fields are singing by hiding their identities with different costumes and masks, the members of the jury, the audience in the studio and on the screen try to guess who the contestant is.

Famous names in the studio will act as detectives in each episode of the program, where the successful actress Tansel Öngel will be the presenter, and they will try to find out who is under the masks.

In the competition; popular names of the screen Eda Ece, Melis Sezen, Doğu Demirkol and Alican Yücesoy will act as detectives.

The contestant who gets the fewest votes from the audience in the studio with her performance will take off her mask and bid farewell to the competition, “Maske Kimsin Sen?” is preparing to become a phenomenon in Turkey as well as in the world.

“Maske Kimsin Sen?” by Medyapım, where the shootings continue at full speed and where music, entertainment and show will come together. contest, coming soon on FOX.

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