Artists News Eda Ece posed with her newborn nephew

Eda Ece posed with her newborn nephew

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Eda Ece, who does not fall off the agenda with the star character she played in the Forbidden Fruit series, shared a pose with her newborn nephew on the Instagram page. Eda Ece, who has two older sisters, is single, but her older sisters are married and Eda Ece’s third nephew was born a few months ago. Eda Ece, who posed with her little nephew, did not neglect to make a smile from her sisters while enjoying the happiness of being an aunt!

Eda Ece, who attracted attention with her series Dirty Seven and later appeared in different series, is also known by the masses with her star character in the Forbidden Fruit series, and is among the celebrities who use social media frequently.

Those who follow the player’s account both get a lot of information about the Forbidden Fruit series, as well as the entertaining videos of the player and short images of the moments behind the set.

Eda Ece recently shared the pose she gave with her tiny nephew. The actress has sisters named Ada Ece and Esra Ece. Finally, Ece’s next hope, who has another nephew, is to have a niece.

You can see Eda Ece’s pose with her newborn nephew and her note to her sisters below.

I had another nephew over the past months! Now I am 3 male aunts ♥ ️ Thank you to my older sisters for adding these delights to my life. ♥ ️?? ♥ ️ #nephewlove