Eda Ece's first state in Forbidden Fruit was even surprised!
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26 November 2022 18:42


Eda Ece’s first state in Forbidden Fruit was even surprised!

Eda Ece, who plays the character of the Yıldız in the Forbidden Fruit series broadcast on Fox TV, is among the celebrities who use social media effectively. The actress is one of the people who are followed with interest on Instagram, both with the posts she makes behind the camera of the series and her pleasant content she publishes from her daily life.

Eda Ece, from time to time, makes a wave with her TV series on social media. The actress, who made her fans happy with the fun videos and photos she posted behind the scenes, surprised her followers with a recent post, and conveyed her own astonishment.

The Forbidden Fruit series started in March 2018. Continuing with its 4th season, many people have come and gone and many interesting events have happened. The viewer, who sometimes finds some events as absurd and exaggerated, now watches the Forbidden Fruit like a comedy.

For the viewer who doesn’t take it too seriously, it continues to exist on the screen as a fun series of Monday evenings. 89 episodes of the series with names such as Şevval Sam, Nesrin Cavadzade, Eda Ece, Erdal Özyağcılar and Berk Oktay were published.

Eda Ece surprised her audience very much with a video that takes her to the past. The actress shared a video referring to İrem Kahyaoğlu, who took part in the first season of the series.

Expressing that she missed Kahyaoğlu, who is currently playing in Güldür Güldür, the actress also drew attention to his own image. Eda Ece’s state of Forbidden Fruit in the first episodes was really surprising.

Eda Ece experienced a change that made her say “From where to where?” “Forbidden Fruit first episodes. The state of the actress who dropped the grade “I was thin, my lost youth” will probably surprise you too…

It is seen that Eda Ece, who changed considerably over time and changed both her clothing and style with the character of Yıldız, was weaker at that time. The actress also surprised her followers by showing these thin forms.

In another post, Eda Ece is seen preparing for her trailer on the set. The actress, who poses with her glasses and no make-up on her eyes, attracts attention with the words “Forbidden Fruit for which I vacuum my hair” …

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