Ego series for Ahmet Kayakesen is a first in his career!
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29 March 2023 17:03


Ego series for Ahmet Kayakesen is a first in his career!

Ahmet Kayakesen, who plays the character of Tuncay in the TV series Ego, which started to meet with the audience on Sunday evenings on Fox TV. The actor, who had a big break with the character of Harun in the TV series Hercai, took the lead role in the TV series Mükemmel Eşleşme (Perfect Match), which was broadcast on TRT1.

Ahmet Kayakesen will appear as the character of Tuncay in the story of the series and this character will surprise the audience. Attracting attention with both ambitious and stereotypical attitudes, Tuncay seems to represent a group of people whose examples are many in society.

Stating that the character of Tuncay has intense ambition, Ahmet Kayakesen stated that he has stereotyped actions from the past and that he will portray a robotic man who acts with them.

Kayakesen said, “Everything is going well. We have been on the set for about 2 months, we are trying to shoot the episodes.”

Ahmet Kayakesen, who evaluated the phrase ‘man cannot be trusted’, which is the expansion of the Ego series, said, “It may be more logical to ask whether a person can be trusted or not.”

Ahmet Kayakesen broke new ground in this series. Explaining that he played a very different character from the characters he played before, the actor said:

“When I first read about the character, what excited me was that it was different from the characters I played before. In this structure, I don’t think I’ve played a character who travels so sharply and on extreme points before. That got me excited too. I clung to being able to do something different. The character also threw me into the story.”

Mentioning that everything has changed in today’s relationships, the actress described himself as an old-fashioned person. Kayekesen emphasized that life has changed a lot, areas of interest have changed and nothing is the same in relationships.

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