Elçin Sangu praised her foreign fans and harshly criticized her domestic fans!
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3 October 2022 17:38


Elçin Sangu praised her foreign fans and harshly criticized her domestic fans!

Elçin Sangu, who has been canceled in a short time for the last two seasons, experienced a great disappointment. The actress, who received strong support from her fans in this process, also received many criticisms.

Elçin Sangu’s turn to the theater after this troublesome process about television series also attracted attention. The actress, whose story is written by a Turkish writer and is preparing for a drama project that will be staged for the first time, is currently rehearsing.

The actress, who did not make a deal for another project other than the theater and was excited to take the stage in 2022, also made a remarkable statement about the support from her fans on social media.

Elçin Sangu said, “I swear, foreigners are taking care of it more than the Turkish audience these days.” In fact, the actress is very right in this determination.

Foreign followers are always effective by increasing support and interest in the social media environment where local followers are critically critical. This positive attitude of foreign fans towards our actors and TV series has also made social media very active.

Elçin Sangu, who is very right in her determination, once again expressed that she is uncomfortable with people who do not have human values.

Stating that there are many such people in the projects he has taken part in, but he will not name names, the actress said, “There are many of them. It is an issue that I sincerely, sincerely say and believe in.”

Explaining that he does not want to work on the same project with his colleagues who do not have humanitarian values, the actress stated that this is a matter of principle for her.

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