Elçin Sangu talked about her new series
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4 February 2023 09:30


Elçin Sangu talked about her new series

Elçin Sangu, who was the cover of the September issue of L’Officiel Magazine, made colorful statements in his new series “Good Day, Bad Day”. Elçin Sangu, who shared the leading role of the series, which will be released soon on the Star TV screen, with Ozan Dolunay and Yasemin Allen, also made her fans very curious.

Ceylan Atınç performed the sytling of the beautiful actress, who came before the lens with costumes reflecting the 2020-2021 Autumn-Winter fashion, while Beste Zeybel took the photographs, and Bağlan Keskin conducted the interview. The famous actress is preparing to return to the screen with the character of Leyla and is very excited for her new project.

Elçin Sangul gave remarkable messages about her series in her statement. She said, “I love to laugh and have fun, so things like Good Day and Bad Day make me smile and fit my life energy.”

Pointing out that the love triangle in the series is not a classic love triangle, the actress made the following statements about the characters in the series:

“They will not be able to watch the classic twist-like triangle. A triangle formed by the coincidences of life. Each character in our series has a sub-story and we will see it over time. Most importantly, there is actually no character in this series that is really bad for doing evil. ”

Elçin Sangu is in Star very soon with her new series Good Day, Bad Day.

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