Elçin Sangu's new project that makes her fans very proud!
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9 February 2023 15:51


Elçin Sangu’s new project that makes her fans very proud!

Elçin Sangu, whom the fans of the series want to see on the screen, has been rehearsing for a very different experience for a while. The actress went on the stage and took another strong step towards her career by taking part in the play called Şehirde Kimse Yokken.

The theatrical play, which premiered at Zorlu PSM on February 22, describes the virtues and power of being a woman. In addition to Elçin Sangu, in the play about what happened to the character of Rukiye, who escaped from a chaos in the Anatolian countryside, in Istanbul; Ali Seçkiner Alici, Kerem Arslanoğlu, Elif Ürse and Ersin Arıcı also star.

Elçin Sangu fans also highlighted the actress’ impressive experience with their social media posts. Thousands of messages, in which fans highlight both the game and Elçin Sangu with different photos, are shared on social media.

One of her fans wrote about Elçin Sangu: It’s nice to see you in such a proud project and to be a part of your excitement again, albeit from afar. All the best for you, good luck dear.”

The fans, who stated that they will always walk with Elçin Sangu, both showed their love and made the game spread to a wider audience. The actress’ performance received a standing ovation.

While everyone was waiting for her to take part in the series, the famous actress embarked on a new journey with great excitement to showcase her talents in the theater.

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