Series News ElçinSangu told about her new series!

ElçinSangu told about her new series!


She, Turkey’s first vampire series ‘The Death’ will return to the screen.

Actress turned to the set with Mia role. ElçinSangu, who is the cover of InStyle magazine, said that it is easier to do things with the list that will be published on the internet.

“If we can breathe cautiously about censoring and interfering with our content, it’s also easier for us to come up with something close to ours. Blutv’s content is money, and that means we’re free. ”

In the interview, ElçinSangu had a remarkable remark …

‘The Death’ series is eagerly anticipated, and it is unclear how it will work out because it will be a first …

However, if ElçinSangu’s words are taken into consideration, there is a possibility that there are also scenes that can take great reaction in the middle …

She, “When you follow the ‘The Death’ sequence will be very loaded,” she said the reactions will be intense.

She said, “Whatever happens, the important thing is that we have dared to do something like that.”

ElçinSangu also explains the advantage of having the series on the internet instead of the television screen, indicating that the field is wider for the actor and project on the digital …

She said she took martial arts lessons for her role.

“We are talking about an ongoing war between people and vampires. I’ve seen fantastic things all my life. I do it for my own pleasure, ” she said.