Emotional farewell from Derya Şensoy to her father!
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29 March 2023 17:04


Emotional farewell from Derya Şensoy to her father!

Ferhan Şensoy, the master of Turkish theater, died on August 31 due to cardiovascular diseases and respiratory failure.

Ferhan Şensoy, who was treated at Istanbul Medical Faculty, passed away at the age of 70. Derya Şensoy, the daughter of the master theater actor, announced the death of her father on her social media account with the message: “My dear daddy flew to the skies.”

Derya Şensoy once again said goodbye to her father with the photo she posted on her Instagram account. Derya Şensoy published an emotional message for her father Ferhan Şensoy from her social media account.

Derya Şensoy, who posted a photo of her father and elder sister Müjgan Ferhan Şensoy on her Instagram account, shared the following message: “Your media is going, one day he will come again. I made you laugh and I’m leaving… You wrote so well that the pen feels ashamed to touch the paper again. Goodbye my mind, my light, my heart, my father.”

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