Emre Bey found his series in the new season!
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4 February 2023 09:04


Emre Bey found his series in the new season!

Farewell to the audience in December 2019, Don’t Give Up My Hand was one of the series written in mind. In the series where Alp Navruz and Alina Boz meet, Emre Bey gave life to the character Arda Çelen.

The young actor, who previously attracted attention with the character of Kıvanç in the A.K.A. Legend series, will continue to be on display in 2020.

It was revealed that Emre Bey also joined the cast of the series Sol Yanım, which will be broadcast on Star TV. Emre Bey will sweat for the success of the same series with ambitious names in the new season.

Cansel Elçin and Esra Bezen Bilgin also joined the drama Sol Yanım. It was revealed that Özge Yağız was also in the signing phase for this series.

For Emre Bey, who had the chance to participate in important projects in a row, the series named Left Side can also be a decisive bend for his career.

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