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22 May 2022 22:38


Emre Bey, just when he found his rhythm, it’s called serial misfortune!

While Emre Bey found his rhythm, another series of bad luck was wasted! Emre Bey, who stepped into the sets with the TV series Aşk Zamanı in 2015, had the opportunity to show himself in good productions in the next period. The character of Kıvanç in the Adı Efsane series still stands in mind.

The fans, who remember Emre Bey most from the TRT1 TV series named Elimi Bırakma, also know how successfully he exhibited the character of Arda Çelen.

Emre Bey did very well in the character of Burak in the TV series Sol Yanım last season. It was a great misfortune for Özge Yağız and Emre Bey, who gave the right to the roles, that this series made the finale in the 12th episode.

Emre Bey, who we also watched in the digital TV series Yetiş Zeynep, appeared in the TV series Son Nefesime Kadar with the character of Ejder, which is very much ascribed to him this season.

This production, where both experienced and young names meet, will unfortunately make a final with its fifth episode. It was also unfortunate for Emre Bey, the series that Fox TV did not want to continue because its ratings were not enough.

The actor in the character of Ejder was so effective and stood out so much that although the first episode was broadcast, the actors were highly praised on social media.

The psychopathic Ejder character, which impressed the audience very much, was an important opportunity for the actor to showcase his talents. Fans of the series also celebrated his success with messages on social media.

A viewer said, “Ejder does all kinds of crap imaginable, but #EmreBey plays so well that I got goosebumps watching the role. He praised the young actor, saying, “The peak in psychopathy.”

Despite playing a bad character, Emre Bey, one of the most talked about young names on social media, achieved this with his ability to reflect the spirit of the character to the audience.

Unfortunately, you will be able to watch 2 more episodes of the Ejder character, which the audience showed great interest in. Emre Bey and his friends leave the screen before they can explain the problem of the series, which will make the final with the 5th episode.

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