Series News The Endless Love series provided a new launch

The Endless Love series provided a new launch


Last season ended Endless Love television series in Turkey has achieved great success.

Emmy won the first place in the category of best foreign language in the award.

Milliyet writer Sina Kologlu described the success of the Endless Love line:

We bought Telenovela from the Latin …

We can also evaluate the ‘Emmy Award’ that Endless Love deserves. The telenovela category was included in the 2008 Emmy Awards. Because it was seen that there were too many spectators. For exactly five years in this category, Globo TV was Brazil’s pink series monopoly. It is important for a Turkish line to take this award after all this. This first place seemed to be accepted somewhere in the throne of the Latin series.

The rank of a Muslim country receiving the first prize

In 2008, the first prize in this category was the Jordan series ‘Al-Igtiyah’ (occupation). The project was about a Palestinian genocide love story and people living in Israel during the occupation of the West Bank in 2002.